Monday, March 23, 2009

Tool Tip...Rotary Cutters

I began using rotary cutters when I started quilting several years ago. They are wonderful when it comes to cutting anything you want really straight. A nice clean cut edge is easier to overcast with the sewing machine. I use one when ever I cut bias strips, skirt pieces, waist bands, belts, etc.

While working on a commission the other day, I got a chance to use a new rotary cutter that I had just purchased. I didn't buy this new cutter because there was something wrong with the old one, all I really needed was a new blade. The cutter was new because it was on clearance at my local sewing store and cheaper than a new blade would have been.

What a pleasure it was to use it for the first time. The difference between this new sharp blade and my dull old blade was amazing. It cut thought the fabric with such ease. Just the slightest touch to get across the fabric. No bearing down so hard that it felt like labor. Made me wonder why I had waited so long to replace the darn thing to begin with. Price probably, I think they are way too expensive for what they are.

This new cutter is very different from others that I have owned. It has an ergonomic handle which feels very good in your hand and it is more comfortable to using. The handle is also very colorful too; robin's egg blue and chocolate brown in a filigree pattern. Very different for the school bus orange one that I've had for so long.

So if you don't use a rotary cutter now, try one. It will make the task of cutting out some things noticeably easier and quicker. If you have one, change the blade often. It will remind you of why you had a cutter to begin with.

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