Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Lock Me In

Sometimes I feel that is what I need to do to myself to keep me in my sewing room, lock myself in.

As you might remember, dear reader, I am unemployed. I now find myself with so much time on my hands that sometimes I get very restless. While I hate to see good time go to waste sometimes I find that I am very proficient at doing just that. So I am throwing myself in to my little doll costuming business. I feel that sewing is a good way to occupy my time and a way to generate some pocket money. I feel that it is important for me to be productive especially at this time. However, if I'm not in my sewing room, I'm not sewing.

There are some other erstwhile projects that I do of course. Looking for a job is one but, trust me on this, there aren't many of those around these days. Then there is all sorts of housework (HA!). There is this blog to write...

There are several devices I use to keep me in my place so to speak. For one, I'm a huge audio book fan and I can't think of a better place to listen than in my sewing room. (well perhaps on the beach in Florida, but that is for another time). I listen mostly to historical fiction and history with some sci fi and fantasy thrown in for good measure. Listening to the books serves a duel purpose. There's the entertainment factor of course and then it fills the silence. Since my children have grown up my house had grown quiet. Sadly enough, music does not sooth this savage breast and I do not listen to it very often. The one exception to this is at Christmas time.

I also have a small TV in my sewing room and a small but much watched DVD collection. When the mood strikes watching, mostly listening actually, helps me stay my course as well. I do so love a good costume drama, a romance or a classic.

The weather can be a factor. It's easier to stay put when the sun is shinning than when it is gray and cloudy ( like today). You think the opposite would apply here. The room were I sew is very small but when it is filled with sunshine it appears more open. It then becomes oasis, refuge and solace. I place were I can stay and fill the hours and scratch my creative itch.

So back I go into my room. A few chores to be done on the way first. Then to work on a commission. From there.... we'll see if the sun comes out.

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