Friday, April 3, 2009

New Doll, New Model

I received a new doll in the mail the other day. She is Fall, one of Helen Kish's Seasons collection that was designed for the White Balloon company of Spain. Of course I have named her Autumn, for now anyway. Autumn is 16" tall with long red hair. I won her on eBay and got her at a wonderful price.

Since each doll I sew for has unique characteristics that dictate how I will sew for it, there are always a few things to consider before I can come up with a design for that particular doll. First there is the general appearance of the doll to consider. Who does the doll represent? Is it a boy or a girl. Is it young like a child or does the doll have an adult appearance?

Size dictates scale and proportion. This is most important in fabric selection. The size of the design of the fabric has to be in proportion to the size of the doll. Too big of a pattern looks aweful on a doll in my opinion.

Something that also suggests fabric choice is the actual age of the doll. New dolls can use new fabrics while vintage and antique dolls are better dressed in vintage or natural fabrics when ever possible.

Autumn represent a modern child, and at 16" tall she will be the largest of this type of doll that I have sewn for. Most of my designs have been either for smaller modern child dolls, modern lady dolls or antique dolls. Her larger size will permit me to use some larger scale prints than I haven't been able to used before. In fact there is a piece of fabric that I have had in my stash for years that I believe would be perfect. It's a aqua cotton stripe and perfect for a summer outfit. The width of the stripes have always been to big for the modern dolls I sew for and too new for my antique dolls. On this new doll though I think it will look very well indeed.

Now all I have to do is come up with an appropriate design for the pattern....

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