Thursday, May 21, 2009

Knitting away

As I have mentioned in a previous post, I recently finished making my first pair of knitted socks. They were plan, just in stockinette using a self patterning yarn in blue and purple. They came out very well and fit beautifully. I learned a lot about sock construction and I would like to learn more. To that end I started another pair. These are being knitted on a pair of 40" circular needles and the method I am using is toe up and two at a time.

This method is very different from the top down socks I just finished. They were knit with 5 double point needles. These are knit with just 2 needles connected together by a cable. The cable is long enough that I can knit both socks at one time. The advantages to that are 2 fold. One is that the socks come out the exact same way. Which is important for these socks in particular as they are made with self striping yarn. Secondly it is some what quicker to knit them together as opposed to starting and finishing one then starting again and finishing another.

The socks are almost done, I am finishing knitting the heel. While I do like knitting 2 socks at a time and I like the way the toes look, I'm not thrilled with how the heels are made in this manner. But there are many ways to knit socks and I have just started to discover and learn them and I have 3 different pairs of socks lined up to work on next and have the yarn all ready for 2.

I ordered some yarn from Knit Picks on line. They have a nice selection of yarns at really good prices. In fact the yarns they sell are cheaper than Joann's, Michael's or AC Moore. They have a better selection of sock yarn too. I bought yarn for 4 projects all together. I got some wool fingering and cotton sport weight for socks, some lace weight for a scarf and some wool fingering yarn for a doll sweater.

The patterns I chose for the socks are very different from what I have done so far. One pattern feature a style of toe and heel called short row that I have not done before but may be easier to do than the toe and heel on the last 2 pair I knit. The second pattern features incorporates a lace patten into the body of the sock. They certainly have a feminine look to them. While both patterns call for the socks to be knit on double point needle I think I will try them on my circular needles instead.

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  1. Nice write up sock knitting, I think I'll try knitting some socks again in the October time frame, too busy right now.