Saturday, June 20, 2009


While waiting on some fabric to come in for a couple of commissions I'm doing I managed to get 4 outfits done. 3 are going on Etsy and one on eBay. They should be up on both sites by the end of the day.
Two of the outfits feature my new flip flop design. I used self sticking foam for the soles and while it's a little tricky to get the pieces to match up before they stick to each other I am happy with the results.
I bought the foam at my local craft store. The package featured quite a few 5 x 7 pieces if a rainbow of bright colors perfect for my needs. Before I bought these I was using foam glue which looks and feels just like tacky glue. Which is why I don't like working with it as it is very messy business. There is also the problem of drying time, it seems to take forever to dry. With the self sticking foam it's stick it and it's done. The one draw back here is that once you stick the pieces together, that's it their stuck. No margin for error or the piece is ruined.

I belong to several Yahoo chat groups for dolls. On one of the more active groups we had just done a swap. The theme was summertime. I had sent my swap partner an outfit called Butterfly Hunter" which featured a denim sleeveless dress with hat. Both embroidered with a monarch like butterfly. For accessories I had made a butterfly net. I came across an oval shaped purse that strongly resembled a binocular case and sent that as well.
Yesterday I receive side of the swap. It is a really cute overall and top set. It wasn't made by the person who sent the outfit but by another seamstress whose work I've seen on the internet. Her name is Darla and her work is impeccable. It's one thing to get something from someone who's work is not as good as yours but to get something from someone who is better well, take a blow my ego! The design was very nicely executed. The pants were lined and the seems were surged on a surger

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  1. You are one very talented doll clothing designer. I have a lady names Marsha who leave me comments on my blog for Pink Saturday and I think you should go check her blog out, I left her a comment with your blog address for her to check you out.