Wednesday, August 12, 2009

It's been some time

It's been a while since my last post. Almost two months. I've been busy with various projects.

First there are my customers. Two in particular have ordered several outfits. One lady has request a total of 3 outfits for Robert Tonner's Kitty Collier. The first to outfits were cocktail dresses. One I had made before and it was not hard to recreate. The second outfit was a tough one. I knew the pattern would be a pain. I could just tell that the creator of the pattern had not tested it. But I was determined to finish and make it look good. When I was done I called it Pink Champagne. My customer loved both dresses and soon requested me to make her Kitty a Peignoir set. I found some beautiful cream charmuse and matching....... I had some cream lace that went well in my stash. It really turned out beautiful I think. Very feminine.

The other customer I am sewing for has asked me to do 4 different outfits. They are for the larger Kish seasons. Since they look the same age as the Kish Chrysalis it's easy just to enlarge patterns for designs that I already have done. This cuts down on some of the time it takes to make an outfit.

I am now an international seller! The last 2 ebay auctions went to people outside the US. One went to Italy and the other...Russia! How cool is that?
More on what I've been up to in my next post...

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