Sunday, January 10, 2010

More for the New Year

I decided to take a small break from my costumers and work on so projects for me. There were several just laying in the "to do" bin where I keep all my on going projects neatly tucked into zip lock bags. I have to say that they were there for at least 2 years or more. Very rarely do I not finish something. It just takes me a while some times.
Very often I will spend a day of doing nothing but cutting out and getting projects ready to sew. For some reason I like that better than doing them one at a time. I cut for 4 different projects this time. 1 was for one of my customers and the other 3 were for my antique dolls.
The first is for my wonderful antique Daisy. The outfit is a flouncy dress with an empire waist. The fabric is a vintage yellow printed dimity that I found on eBay. It will have vintage lace at the hem and on the sleeves and neck and vintage eyelet beading at the waist. It will have yellow silk ribbons at the waist as well. A mop cap finishes it off just fine.
The next outfit I worked on was for something I've had since 1998! That's right over 10 years. It's a lovely cream wool coat for one of my larger dolls. It has vintage buttons and boa feather collar and trim on the sweet cap. I made a muff to match made from cream mohair fur and lined in silk and topped with vintage flowers.
The final outfit is for my beautiful vintage reproduction French Fashion. More on that next time....

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