Friday, August 31, 2012

Colette's new and improved wardrobe

It's been over 2 years since I have returned to my UFDC doll club.  We meet once a month for dinner and a program on various subjects relating to the world of antique dolls.  A few months ago the program was one of my favorite's, "Dolls and their wardrobes". Many of my dolls do have several changes of clothes so I starting thinking on which ones I would be taking with me for display.  My antique Daisies and the Helen Kish Chrysalis dolls couldn't go because they were needed for the 2 programs that came after the wardrobe program.  Then I thought about my 11" Maura Mura, Marjorie, but her wardrobe really doesn't have a big WOW factor.  There was my childhood Penny Brite and the Tonner Marley's and Alice...but no they would not do either.  Only one doll stood a chance of making an impression with my fellow doll collectors.  The one doll I own who truly embodies the essence of what a Doll and her Wardrobe should be and that doll was Colette, my vintage French Fashion reproduction.
Now you all have met Colette before in previous posts and seen some of gowns I have made for her.  After looking through the items that I had already made for her what came to mind was that they seemed to be a history of my ability as a Costumer.  Her early dress are simple and well to be honest, lack detail and historic accuracy . It wasn't until I made her blue striped walking dress that i thought my skills as a costumer were finally were they needed to be.
I also discovered that, after perusing Colette's wardrobe, she was in need of several more items than she already possessed.  There were some true staples of a French Fashion's wardrobe that she was missing.
Where else does one look for Mademoiselle's belongings but her boudoir!  And what is in her boudoir...but her bed of course!
Her bed you say? Well this little lady has had one for a long time and it was stashed away in the attic for a very long time.  It was high time to get it out for an inspection too...... as it was in sorry shape. It had been on display for many years before it was sent away do to space concerns.  I knew this was were my inspiration would come from though.
More on Colette's bed in part 2..............

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