Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Colette's Wardrobe part 2....the bed.

When it came out of the attic, the bed was in horrific shape.  All the bed linens where yellowed with age and dust.  They were handmade and attached to the frame by hand.  I believe that they had been fashioned from what looked like a silk dresser scarf in part.  The dust ruffle is eyelet lace.  I set to cleaning it at once by carefully removing it (the canopy is sewn onto the frame) and then soaking it in Borax.  Once clean, dry and pressed I reattached the canopy and put everything back in it's place on the frame.
What next?  Why a night gown and dressing robe had to be made. Louise Hedrick's book on French Fashion doll clothes had a wonderful pattern for not only a night gown and robe but also a very sweet night cap. The cap is trimmed with self fabric trim that I made using one of  my new pair of scalloping scissors.  All the fabric used was from vintage baby items, the night gown and cap in white cotton lawn and the robe in cream wool flannel.   The scalloped trim on the night gown was made with my sewing machine. The trim on the night gown is newer and not what I really wanted to use but after much searching, the only thing I could come up with in the time I had to get the entire project done.
Once Colette is up and ready for breakfast she gets dressed in her morning gown. As with all of her outfits this too was made from vintage fabric. It is a printed cotton in cream with black designs that resemble links in a chain.  I was able to find vintage trim that is  a perfect match to the design in the print.  It has a collar and two little pockets. I crocheted a snood in black cotton crochet thread to keep her hair in place.
Next:  What will Colette wear for an afternoon visits?