Monday, January 21, 2013

Beauty and the Beast

I have 2 very different projects going on right now.  I like to think of them in terms of Beauty and the Beast as one is very pretty and the other well...isn't.

The Beast is my current knitting project.  It's a shawl and it's knit in an Aran weight yarn called Amazing.  I love the colors as they are very much fall colors Greens, orange, browns and teals.  It's knit on circular needles and is just a square.  It's warm and fuzzy and HUGE .  It's hard to tell what it  is on the needles. Just kinda looks like a big yarn blob. Seems like it's taking  forever to finish it.  I could really use it to wrap up in right now as it is so cold here in the Miami of the north...
Christmas came early for me this past year. It came in November to be exact.  That's when I threw caution to the wind and finally contacted a doll artist about a doll I've had wanted to get for some time now.  Hubby of course said he would give me money towards her for my present this year.  He did the same thing last year with my lovely little antique Simon and Halbig 1249.  As you can see from her picture she is gorgeous.  I named her Bernadette and she is indeed a beauty! She is 15" tall  with an Early Bru head and beautiful blue paper weight eyes.  Her body is from Gildebrief. She has a rather plain dark brown mohair wig which I hope to change for something with a little more style.
So far I have completed her undergarments including pantaloons, chemise, bustle,corset and petticoat. The pattern for her first dress with the first dress made especially for this body from the Gildebrief magazine. I'm not sure how historically accurate the pattern is but it is very complicated like all the patterns from that particular magazine.  But I love a challenge   I found a rather expensive bit of Liberty of London fabric for it and I am also awaiting the delivery of a piece of vintage silk broadcloth as an accent color for the gown.  The pattern is suppose to be from 1870.  I want to keep her items to those that would have come from around 1868 to 1872 or '73.   Originally I had thought to keep her in mid 1860's style of a Huret or Rohmer as her head is that early. But I see her as an adult lady not as a teenager or younger girl.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

No time for sewing

I haven't been doing a lot of sewing lately. My job has just been taking everything out of me.  I have been so distracted by it that I just can't seem to concentrate when I finally do get in the sewing room.  By the time I get home from work all I is sit and watch tv or go on the computer and surf the web.  I did manage to work on some knitting.  I finished the purple shawl started and almost finished a pair of socks and started another shawl. This shawl is rather big and will take me the rest of the winter to finish but that's ok.